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IACP Member Benefits for Canine Professionals

As a professional organization, the International Association of Canine Professionals works to educate, promote, support and recognize excellence in the world of dogs. With a fast growing membership we are one of the only organizations to represent all canine professionals and provide the opportunities for members to communicate, cooperate and learn from fellow professionals in all sectors of dog care. Our members adhere to recommended IACP Codes of Conduct and Practice in their chosen professions.

The IACP is here to provide a gateway to success whatever your chosen profession in the world of dogs.


Business Building and Assistance

  • Professionals and Associates can use the IACP Logo on business material, adding qualification and acceptance to your business
  • Health Insurance, Prescription Discounts and other Benefits.
  • Support in dealing with problems in your business either with dogs or professional matters
  • Professional Insurance and Indemnity assistance for Professional and Associate Members
  • Inclusion in the Members List of the IACP Web Site for Professional and Associate Members for promotion of your business
  • Discounts on dog products and services
  • Publicity through news releases promoting the IACP designed to generate media interviews and public awareness
  • Advice and support in education opportunities through recognized schools and correspondence courses
  • Business building help from top professionals in the field
  • Membership of a recognized Professional Organization bringing confidence to clients and consumers
  • E-Mail Forum – for networking between members
  • Annual Educational Conference with leading International Training Professionals
  • Regional Groups providing networking, support and education
  • Specialized sections – Therapy Dogs and Working K-9s for support and Networking
  • Practical Certifications based on experience, expertise and knowledge. The Association does not discriminate against any dog training approaches, methods, tools or equipment.
  • Quarterly Magazine –Canine Professional Journal, an outstanding educational resource
  • Support from Administrative Office Staff – Experienced Canine Professionals
  • Education – workshops and seminars

The IACP is a group of professionals who are open minded and balanced in their approach. Membership is comprised of professionals who use a wide variety of methods, approaches, equipment and products.

Individuals convicted of a felony may apply as an Affiliate Member of the IACP as long as there are no convictions for animal cruelty.

Six months after release from confinement, that individual can upgrade to an Associate or Professional Member, depending on experience as a canine professional, qualifying recommendations, and payment for upgrade.

The Association does not dictate to members or judge your methods. We are inclusive, not exclusive. This is one of the few organizations that represent professionals from all different working philosophies and walks of life. Want to learn more or add something to this group? Join today.

Many of our sponsors and corporate members offer generous discounts to out membership. CLICK HERE for a list of available discounts (Must be logged on as a member to view).

The Association for         


Member Info

Annual Fee: $125.00**

A Professional Member has a minimum of 5 years experience as a practicing canine professional.

  • Vote on issues relevant to the organization.
  • May use the IACP name and logo on business materials.The business is not the member unless a Corporate Member or Sponsor.
  • Will be included in the Find a Professional Database.
  • Eligible for IACP benefits

Associate Member
Annual Fee: $100.00**
An Associate Member has less than 5 years experience as a practicing canine professional.

Benefits Received
  • May use the IACP name and logo on business materials against member name.The business is not the member unless a Corporate Member or Sponsor.
  • Will be included in the Find a Professional Database.
  • Eligible for IACP Benefits

Affiliate Member
Annual Fee: $65.00
Affiliate membership is intended for those who support the goals, positions, and mission of the IACP, but are not canine industry professionals.  This membership applies to everyone who loves dogs and wishes to support the IACP's mission to insure the betterment of dogs worldwide.

Benefits Received
  • Eligible for IACP benefits - this does not include obtaining Professional Insurance, members only version of the Education Portal or access to the IACP Members Facebook Group.

Corporate Member or Sponsor

  • Eligible for IACP benefits
  • Sponsor and Corporate Member benefits as listed in Sponsor agreement.

All members will receive our newsletter, have access to the e-mail list, seminars, educational materials, business support materials, events and in addition, participation in Regional Groups and our program for Certification of Dog Trainers.  Click Here to apply to be a Member

** An additional one time processing fee of $30 is required for Associate and Professional Membership status.


How to use the IACP Logo

Here are guidelines for approved use of the IACP Logo:

1. Corporate Members:  Corporate members have the right to use the IACP logo on corporate materials, including, but not limited to packaging, vehicles, websites, business cards and letterheads.  The correct logo shall include the words “Corporate Member”.

2. Professional and Associate Members:  Professional members of the IACP may use the IACP logo on personal materials including, but not limited to, packaging, vehicles, websites, business cards and letter head.  

3. Affiliate Members:  Affiliate members may only use the IACP Logo as a link on a website links page.

For Corporate Membership
Or Sponsorship
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