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Early Bird Registration is closed as of July 15, 2017!  Registration is now $575 for Members or $675 for Non-Members...Don't delay, register now!

Confirmed speaker/presenters are:  Brian Bergford, Erica Boling, Brother Christopher, Marc Goldberg, Rodney Habib, Karen Laws, Drew Lynch, Robin MacFarlane, Chad Mackin, Mary Mazzeri, Tyler Muto, Aimee Sadler and Joel Silverman

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The IACP is proud to have Rodney Habib as our Keynote Speaker this year!  Are you a pet owner that would like to see Rodney's presentation?  Click here to purchase tickets.

Are you bringing your dog to conference??  The IACP is excited to announce the first Dick Russell Paper Plate Recall Race Championship at the 2017 IACP conference in St. Louis. There has always been talk of how conference attendees could compete with one another and their dogs in a friendly competition and now that opportunity is here.

There is nothing more exiting and fun than competing with your four-legged best friend. So if you have or haven’t had a chance to lay it all on the line and work as a team with your dog to obtain the ultimate prize, now is your chance!

The competition will be held in a bracket format. There will be scheduled races throughout the conference. Spectators are encouraged and welcome to attend all races along with the final elite 8, that will be competing after the dinner and the awards on Saturday night for the championship trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights. Every race will be an elimination race, and who you will be racing against on your first race will be determined by arrival date and luck of the draw. There are no weight classes and no breed restrictions.
The brackets along with race times and who’s competing against who will be visible in the silent auction room for everyone to keep up with who’s advancing and racing at a specific time.

Speed, consistency, team work, and a little luck will all play apart in who becomes the first IACP Dick Russell Paper Plate Recall Race Champion!!!

• All dogs must be able to follow through with all commands needed to race -
o Sit or down
o Stay
o Go to target
o Recall

*No e-collar usage allowed (they can be wearing them, but you cannot be holding your remote)

• All dogs must be under control during the race. This includes racing dogs and spectator dogs.

• 3 scratch limit (you will be eliminated from the competition after 3 scratches) ways to scratch –
o False starts
o Moving from a sit position to stand position
o Moving from a down position to a stand position
o Leaving racing lane (especially to steal an opponent’s cookie)

• Littering your race lanes with your dog’s cookies will result in a disqualification. Make sure the treats you are using are soft, small, nothing that the dog has to chew, and nothing that will leaves crumbs. (littering your lane will ruin the races that come after you)

• All dogs must have a handle attached to their collar while racing (leash or pull tab)

• Any dog that doesn’t show up for its race time is disqualified.

• First dog on recall to sit, wins.

• All races will be videoed for photo finishes.

The late Dick Russell is the mastermind of the Paper Plate Recall Race. He wanted to teach his students a way to use an old retrieving dog exercise of sending your dog away from you in order to teach them to come back. So by using paper plates as targets, and hot dogs as motivators, he taught his students how teach their dogs a better recall.
On graduation day of all his classes he would race two dogs at a time until they were down to the last two dogs which would race for a trophy and a chance to become the Paper Plate Recall Race Champion.
This technique is used by dog trainers all over the world as a reliable method of teaching their students how to get their dog to come back when they call.

In order to sign up email Liz Vasconi -, and she will get your information and answer any questions you may have.