IACP Certification Programs for Dog Trainers

The IACP Education Department, Division of Dog Training offers  credentialing exams for members of the Dog Training Profession to enable you to become an IACP Certified Dog Trainer.

Dog Trainer Foundation Exam

IACP Dog Trainer Certification (CDT) 

IACP CDT Advanced (CDTA)

PDTI (Professional Dog Training Instructor Certification)

Certification online payment form

These can be downloaded as required.
Hard copies of exam are available for $15.00 per exam by contacting IACP Admin Office:

512-564-1011   ♦   [email protected]

If you have questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

Exams are copyrighted. Permission is granted to download only for the purpose of completing the exams. Reproduction for any other purpose or use is prohibited. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view or download the documents above.