Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) Certificate Exam

 The Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) Exam is intended to test an applicant’s basic level of skills to provide the general public with a standard of expectation for what constitutes a “basic level” of expertise. The passing of the CDT Exam also provides recognition and approval from peer professionals within an internationally established organization. Upon passing the Exam, IACP shall confer the title of IACP Certified Dog Trainer (IACP-CDT). The trainer who passes the CDT Exam shall be entitled to use the initials IACP-CDT after his or her name, provided that: he or she is an IACP member and adheres to the IACP Code of Conduct. Should a Certified Dog Trainer fail to maintain IACP membership, that trainer no longer falls under the Code of Ethics, and the CDT title, therefore, shall be withdrawn by IACP. The Certified Dog Trainer title may also be removed from a member in good standing, for just cause, by the IACP Board of Directors based on recommendations from a Grievance Committee.


Who may take the CDT Exam?

Professional Members of the IACP, and Associate Members with two years experience as a dog trainer who have been members for a minimum of six months, may take the CDT exam.

Are there other IACP Dog Trainer Certifications?

Once a trainer earns the CDT title, he or she may take the Certified Dog Trainers Advanced (CDTA) Exam. The CDTA Exam is a unique and remarkable examination in that it is the first exam of its kind in existence that we know of where a video tape provides the means to have your skills “observed” and evaluated by judges throughout the nation.
The download accessed from the link below contains all the instructions and paperwork needed to complete the CDT Exam.
Please disregard that the paperwork currently has an expiration date of 12/31/2015 they are still the correct forms to use. 
Download CDT Paper here (Adobe Arobat required)


Both exams are copyrighted. Permission is granted to download only for the purpose of completing the exams. Reproduction for any other purpose or use is prohibited. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view or download the documents above.